We Three Kings is a family-friendly movie that brings to life the history of the song and shares the gospel by looking at the three gifts that were given to Jesus by the Magi:

Gold –  Jesus is King of kings

Frankincense – Jesus is God

Myrrh – Jesus came to die and redeem us from death

Children will have a better appreciation for the song, for symbolism behind the gifts and the true focus of Christmas. The depth of story and the quality of production ensures that the whole family will be able to enjoy this Christmas drama together!

We Three Kings – the story

Amy, Catherine, and Charles Fay can’t wait for their Uncle Henry to arrive for Christmas. This is the first year since Mama passed away and the children are working together to fill the void and put together a Christmas play at their church.

There are challenges along the way, from a runaway lamb to a stern lady that plays the church organ, but with the help of Uncle Henry’s new song, We Three Kings, not only is the Christmas pageant a success, but the children learn truths about Jesus and the gifts that were given to Him by the Magi.

History of We Three Kings

In 1857 John Henry Hopkins Jr, the son of Anglican Bishop John Henry Hopkins Sr, wrote the song ​ We Three Kings. ​ He purposefully used an older modality to make the song seem ancient. He was delighted by the imagery of the gifts that the Magi brought with them and wanted to write a song for children’s choirs. Hopkins was a music instructor at the General Theological Seminary in New York. He wrote the song for his nieces and nephews back home in Vermont.

Historically, there has been some debate as to whether his nieces and nephews or the students at the Seminary performed it first. From the journals of Rector Dix of Trinity Church on Wall Street we do know that one of the first places it was performed after it was published was by the children’s choir at Trinity Church on Wall Street during the Christmas season of 1858.


Joseph & Stacie in SwitzerlandWe Three Kings is a family Christmas movie released in 2020. Produced by Thorn Crown Films LLC, a film development company led by Joseph & Stacie Graber, it retells the story behind the Christmas carol of the same name.

Joseph & Stacie Graber have been a film making team since 2011, when they first worked together as a husband and wife, director and producer, team on Indescribable.